The Driver License Division in Utah has limited possibilities for driving exceptions, which have to be applied for on an individual basis. The Driver License Division will consider each case individually and make their own determination.

What Are The Factors That Might Enhance Or Aggravate A DUI Charge In Utah?

The factors that could enhance or aggravate a DUI charge in Utah include: a high blood alcohol content level, numerous previous DUI convictions, property damage, injury to others, or concurrent violations of the law like open containers, driving without a license, driving on suspension, and driving without insurance.

Why Is It Important To Work With An Experienced Attorney To Fight DUI Charges Versus Pleading Guilty And Getting It Over With?

It is wise to work with an experienced attorney to fight DUI charges rather than to plead guilty just to get the process over with. An experienced attorney will know what to look for in the discovery materials of a DUI case. Your DUI defense starts before you ever interacted with the police. The best outcome is to show that the officers didn’t have probable cause to make a stop in a first place, regardless of what happened after the stop had been made. Such a finding would be the basis of a successful motion to suppress. The state would no longer be able to introduce any evidence that was gathered against an individual after they were stopped unconstitutionally.

A good attorney will know which factors to look for in order to successfully negotiate with the prosecutor. They’ll know how to advocate on your behalf in front of the judge. This is particularly important in cases where the charges involve drugs and actual physical control of a vehicle rather than alcohol and the operation of a vehicle. These are instances where an individual would be doing themselves a great disservice to simply plead guilty, especially when the burden on the state is harder to prove. There are many interesting cases involving drug impairment and whether an individual was in actual physical control of the vehicle. An individual may be shocked to find out that they’ve been charged with a DUI while they were in the backseat of their car or taking a nap in their car. In those cases, it is crucial to know what matters when the court is asked to make a determination on whether the person was impaired or in actual physical control of the vehicle.

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