Family And Criminal Attorney Representation In One

Whether you are searching for a family lawyer to assist you through the legal process of adoption or divorce, or in need of a criminal defense attorney to serve as your DUI defense lawyer, The Law Offices of Peter A. Kern will work with your priorities in mind and fight to reach your goals.

Centrally located in Lehi, Utah, Peter A. Kern has represented defendants in cases ranging from simple infractions to first-degree felonies and a wide range of charges in between. Mr. Kern has also represented numerous clients in their family law needs, helping parents retain custody of their children, and spouses fight for a fair settlement in divorce.

Mr. Kern is an experienced, knowledgeable, and effective attorney who works tirelessly to prepare his clients for the road ahead and to protect their rights.

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Utah Family And Criminal Law Attorney

Protect what is most important to you as you navigate transitions in your family including adoption, divorce, custody and parental rights. No matter what your family law needs are, Mr. Kern will take inventory of your goals and concerns during an initial consultation; he will use this information to represent you with your best interests in mind. Call now to schedule your free consultation, (801) 923-6565.


Whether you have just made the decision to expand your family and are looking to take the next steps, or you are seeking custody of a child already in your life, you are looking at a lengthy legal process. Adoption can take months, often years, to navigate before a successful complete. Having an experienced adoption lawyer at your side may expedite the process, at the same time will give you peace of mind.


No one enters into marriage thinking ahead to their divorce. By the time you’ve reached this stage, often emotions are running high, and amicably agreeing to terms to end the marriage is difficult to do without assistance. It is important to have a dedicated divorce attorney, with your best interests in mind, to fight for what matters to you.

Custody and Parental Rights:

From seeking custody, to relinquishing it, it is wise to have an experienced family lawyer with your priorities in mind to represent you. Custody agreements are rarely straightforward, it is advisable to have a skilled family attorney communicate your needs to negotiate the best result, while keeping your family needs intact.

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Utah Family And Criminal Law Attorney

Are you in need of a criminal defense attorney to help you protect your constitutional rights, explain what to expect next, give you strong legal guidance, and to negotiate the best possible outcome for your unique situation?

The Law Offices of Peter A. Kern has represented Utah citizens in need of criminal defense representation in a variety of roles.

DUI Defense Lawyer:

Being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Utah can carry serious consequences. A first-time offender can face 180-day jail sentence, 120-day license suspension, and more than $1,000 in fines. If you are facing charges, it is advisable to hire an experienced DUI Defense Lawyer, who is well versed in Utah law, to negotiate reduce sentencing or fight for a not guilty verdict.

Drug Crimes Attorney:

Drug crime charges in Utah may include possession, distribution, possession with intent to distribute, producing and dispensing, trafficking, and possession of a forged prescription. Depending on the charges and criminal history of the accused, the consequences, if convicted, range from six months jail time and up to $1,000 in fines, to 15 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. A skilled Drug Crime Attorney working your case will know the ins and outs of the legal system to save your reputation; you may also have charges dismissed or be given a more lenient sentence.

Child Abuse Attorney:

Child abuse is defined as actions that cause, or threatens to cause, harm to the welfare or health of a child; this may occur through neglect or direct physical abuse. Abuse allegations alone can ruin the reputation of the accused; if convicted, penalties range from loss of parental rights or jail time, to registration on the Sex Offender Registration List. You should not face these serious allegations on your own, you need a dedicated Child Abuse Defense Attorney to fight for your rights and your reputation.

Sexual Abuse Attorney:

Sex crimes may include charges of rape, forcible sexual abuse, internet sex crimes, lewdness and indecent exposure, prostitution and solicitation, rape and sexual assault, and sex crimes against children. Allegations of these charges can have long-lasting negative professional and personal implications for the accused. If facing these charges, it is imperative that you have a reputable Sexual Abuse Attorney at your side to obtain the best possible results.

Mr. Kern works diligently to fight for the best outcome for his clients. Call for your free consultation today, (801) 923-6565.


Graduating from Brigham Young University’s Law School in 2013, Peter A. Kern completed a fellowship with Orem City’s criminal legal department and passed the Utah State Bar Exam.

Mr. Kern opened the doors to his own family and criminal law practice in 2014 and has served clients in all eight of Utah’s judicial districts, from the southern canyons of Utah’s Dixie, all the way north and beyond through the sweeping Wasatch Mountains and populated valley towns.

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