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Step 1: Acknowledge the allegations

You are a good person, but are in a situation that you assumed only “bad people” find themselves in. You know that you need help.

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Step 2: Schedule a Consultation

Reach out and schedule a consultation. Share a brief history, discover what to expect, go over pricing, uncover where you are at in the case.

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Step 3: Hire Peter A. Kern, Criminal Law Attorney

Hire Peter to handle the paperwork, scrutinize evidence, review statutes and precedents, manage communication with the court, and begin negotiations.

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Step 4: Get Your Life Back

Finish out the legal process and have clarity about your future. If there are ramifications, you can take the necessary steps to move on and find peace again.


In Utah, there are two subcategories of DUI. One of the subcategories is an alcohol-related DUI that pertains to an individual who is driving or in actual physical control of a moving vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05%. The other definition of DUI is when an individual is operating or in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of any drug, including a prescription drug that rendered them incapable of driving or operating the vehicle safely. Read More


The Driver License Division in Utah has limited possibilities for driving exceptions, which have to be applied for on an individual basis. The Driver License Division will consider each case individually and make their own determination. Read More


Possession of a controlled substance refers to when a person is in possession of a controlled substance knowingly. Read More


The most common criminal cases we handle are DUI and drug possession cases.

How And When Do Miranda Rights Come Into Play When Someone Interacts With Police?

There are three levels of police stops. A level three stop is where an individual is actually under arrest and those words are used. It is very clear that the person is no longer free to leave. A level one stop is where an officer approaches a person and that person is free to leave at any time. You have no duty to engage with the police and you could choose to simply walk away from a police officer during a level one stop. A level two stop is somewhere in the middle where an individual is not free to leave but has not officially been put under arrest. Read More


Bail was recently overhauled in Utah. Under the new law, a party’s ability to pay bail is to be considered when setting the bail amount. Furthermore, the Court is mandated to impose the least restrictive conditions on a defendant possible as long as public safety and future court appearances by the Defendant are assured. Read More

Peter Kern, Utah Criminal Law Attorney

Personal conviction about the constitutional rights for fair representation drives Peter Kern to excellence as a Utah criminal law attorney. Peter shares, “We have a nation that was founded on the principle that it is better socially to have guilty men go free than innocent men be convicted. In our modern society, it has swung to the other side. Most people seem more comfortable with the idea of innocent people being incarcerated than they are with a guilty person remaining free.”

In today’s judicial system if you don’t have a defense attorney, you will likely receive disproportionate punishment for your charges. Because the state casts such a wide net, defense attorneys are here to make sure you are on equal ground to the prosecutors, that the facts provided in court are correct, and that the evidence supports the charges.

Criminal defense and state prosecution are similar to the body’s skeletal and muscle system, which push against opposing forces to move forward. The state has a strong pull to prosecute a crime. Crimes are labeled at the maximum possible punishment when charges are brought. The system is not initially concerned with being just or appropriate. It is the defense attorney’s responsibility to provide resistance to the prosecutors to force dismissal of egregious charges, reduce any remaining charges to appropriate levels, and to secure a sentence that is both just and appropriate. Read more about Peter Kern.

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Worst Case Scenario

DIY Home Repairs = Yes!
DIY Legal Representation = Looming Failure

  • Expose yourself to accepting wrongful and egregious charges
  • Depend on the prosecution to scrutinize the evidence they collected against you
  • Run the risk of receiving maximum penalties for your crimes
  • Face the court proceedings alone
  • Drive through the process blind, without the experience of precedents
  • Turn to the internet for answers about your legal questions
  • Manage all of the court communication directly to your home or office

Utah Attorney Peter A. Kern helps family after criminal law suit

Best Case Scenario

Hiring Legal Representation Guarantees a Smoother Ride and a More Positive Outcome

  • Have charges dropped if you have been wrongfully charged or if there is not enough evidence
  • Have remaining charges reduced
  • Receive guidance throughout the legal proceedings
  • Receive a fair and proper sentence
  • Communication with the court system will come through Peter’s office
  • Peter Kern will answer all of your legal questions so that you can make the best decisions moving forward
  • Peter works out a deal on your behalf in the court system that is going to be better than if you were working alone
  • You will receive sound legal advice and representation throughout the entire process

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“I was given Peter Kern’s name as a high recommendation from another excellent lawyer who focuses on another area of law, so [he] told me that he wanted me to have [the] absolute best help with a court case and problem that I unfortunately had to deal with and was such a horrible stress for me I would never wish on anyone. I was not willing to let it hurt my name or my future & from the first call Peter listened so intently & immediately had so much information for me I would have never known, I now truly experienced & believe no one can know about the insanely intricate world of law & can so easily get lost in & wind up with less ideal outcome unless you get counsel & someone like Peter who has studied it & knows it very very well. I can say to anyone so genuinely the amount you spend for Peter (my total was pleasantly surprisingly less then I ever would have thought) or any attorney is worth every cent seeing the contribution it was to my life & I saw could be for anyone dealing with something against you in the law that is terrifying & can be so damaging to lives.


Peter helped me to clearly understand my situation & what we could do for absolute best outcome & was so supportive of what I decided to do but gave me best options & truth of what anything meant & what to expect. I was told by [the] prosecutor at first the “absolute best deal I could ever hope for & get” was on the table & to just quickly accept that & be grateful. It would have meant fines, years of it on my record, & the indignity of going to jail to let them take fingerprints & mugshots (that could of course be out on internet to possibly hurt or embarrass me or my children in future). I am really grateful Peter helped me to feel better right away with his very clear & great knowledge of the law &, he always answered my calls or emails so quickly, and I can’t of course promise this for anyone but with his hard work got my case FULLY DISMISSED NO CHARGES. I am so relieved & so happy I can’t even say. I truly can give him my full support & appreciation & would give his name to anyone that I loved or ever knew had a problem come up a defense lawyer could help with!”